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Care Guide HereCare_Sheets_files/residentcareguide.pdf

Follow these simple steps and your new surface will maintain that new look for years to come.
Please be aware that all organic coatings must take time to cure, which begins at the time of application and continues for a total of approximately 3 days. Due to the non-porous surface of our finishes, there is no need to use abrasive cleansers on refinished bathtubs. Any household liquid detergent will provide excellent results. To remove mineral stains, use a mild acid solution, such as a liquid bowl cleaner.

In order to properly care for and maintain your newly refinished bathtub, please follow these ten simple steps

  1. 1.DO NOT use the surface for the specified number of days or hours indicated by the refinisher who completed the job.

  2. 2.DO NOT lay bars of soap, bottles or any other object on the finish at any time!

  3. 3.DO NOT let a leaky faucet go unrepaired.

Download the Resident Service Agreement and Info Sheet here.

  1. 4.DO NOT use loose bath mats with suctions underneath.

  2. 5.DO NOT pick surface dust off with your finger. Any surface dust will dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage.

  3. 6.DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, S-O-S Pads, Comet, or Soft Scrub.

  4. 7.The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a towel after each use. You don't have to wipe it completely dry.

  5. 8.Try using one of the following cleansers: Lysol Basin and Tile Cleaner, Mr. Clean, DOW, or Fantastic.

  6. 9.Maintain caulking around the tub.

  7. 10.Wax tubs once every 4 months with a urethane polish (3M Finesse). You should polish your bathtub five days after it has been refinished.

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