Is it time for a New Look?

Surface Connection can beautifully refinish and repair stained, chipped, or outdated bathtubs, sinks and tile, changing the look of your bathroom overnight!

We begin by applying Resurface Solutions Tub Wash to clean the product and etch the surface, preparing it for the refinishing.  We then apply an adhesion promoter containing silane, which is similar to what a dentist might use when filling a tooth, to assist in bonding.  Next, two coats of a catalyzed primer is used to prepare the surface for a topcoat.  Finally, three to four layers of an Isocyanate free acrylic topcoat are applied to finish the surface and ensure color retention.

Surface Connection also provides these additional bath services:

  1. We can repair cracks to fiberglass or holes in porcelain around the drain and overflow.

  2. We can apply a "non-skid" surface to the bottom of    
    your tub.  Our mats are soft, textured for comfort,
    and designed to provide firm, safe footing in the tub
    or shower. They are mildew resistant and can be kept sanitary with ordinary cleaning. 

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